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“ People are like stained glass windows.
They sparkle and shine when the sun is out; 

But when the darkness sets in, their true Beauty is revealed only if there is a light From within.”      

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross 

About Me

Artist Statement

My journey into the realm of stained glass began with a log cabin that my husband and I built on a lake in Minnesota over 20 years ago. I made my first stained glass piece for a bedroom window hoping to be awakened by beautiful colors in the morning. The ambiance that I was hoping for didn’t happen because of the surrounding trees, but my passion for stained glass was rooted.

Looking at my glass on display, I see my whole emotional life in front of me. When my husband was diagnosed with cancer, I remembered all of the times I had reminded my art students that art is very therapeutic. However, when your life hits a brick wall, it is hard to pay attention to that advice. Once we began to live with cancer, I tried to focus on healing thoughts in my art--—thus entered the turtle--—symbolizing healing and longevity in many cultures. For me, the whole cancer experience centered around turtle images. While chemotherapy and radiation were essential to my husbands recovery, the turtle was truly essential to mine. 

My art has evolved over time as I have. Now that my husband is cancer-free and I’m able to let go of the protective bubble I had surrounded myself with, my art has taken a different path. My current pieces are more whimsical and abstract. I have incorporated sandblasted images, fused pieces, and copper embellishments into my art. However, I always feel that you can never have too many turtles! Cancer is never far from my mind; especially when my life is going along a little better than I think I deserve and I realize that I’m appreciating it a little less than I should. I try to appreciate every day to the fullest and hope it shows in my art.  

I believe that art isn’t necessary for the survival of the body, but that it encourages growth of the spirit—and that is a good thing! 

Turtle Moon Studio